6-Channel SLT Radio

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Step up to 6-channel control

Fly boldly with the reliable, affordable, feature-packed TTX610—the standout to lift your adventure. With 6-channels, you’ve got plenty of room to grow. Add retracts, flaps, and more with ease. Plus, experience superior dual rate and multi-position switch control. Ready to step up?


TR625 Receiver
The coaxial antennas of the TR625 receiver included with this radio ensure strong, interference-free reception regardless of aircraft altitude, attitude, or orientation.
Multi-position switches
A 5th channel with two-position switch provides control of landing gear or other on/off functions. The three-position 6th channel offers easy, user-friendly control of flaps or other multi-position functions.
Dual Rates switch
Dual rates for aileron/elevator/rudder add value and versatility. Select high rates for takeoffs and landings. Choose low rates for smooth aerobatics and slow, scale-like flights.
Trainer jack
With the TTX610, you can attach to train on flight simulators through the trainer jack. There's a wireless trainer system for Tactic systems so that you can flawlessly link to a student transmitter and train the next wave of RC pilots!


Stock #
FHSS spread-spectrum SLT
Input Power
(4) AA alkaline, NiCd or NiMH cells (3.4-7.0V; not included)

Here's how the TTX610 stacks up!