TTX200 2-Channel SLT Radio

It has the features and functions you need for starting out in RC, at a price that fits into any beginner's budget. The TTX200 takes up very little room in your vehicle's carrying case, and its light weight makes it comfortable to hold. Setting the TTX200's controls is as easy as pushing a button. Proven reliable Secure Link Technology (SLT) is standard — and you also get value-adding extras such as the foam grip steering wheel and 3-channel TR325 micro receiver.

Tactic SLT Secure Link Technology Tx-R Transmitter Ready

Here's what the TTX200 has to offer!

  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • 3-channel TR325 micro receiver (TACL0325) with failsafe
  • Steering end point adjustment and reverse
  • Adjustable steering rate
  • Low battery power indicator
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, which are located in the handle
  • Foam grip steering wheel

TTX0300 included itemsTR325 3-channel micro receiver


The included TR325 3-channel micro receiver is small enough to fit in the most cramped chassis spaces. An internal antenna adds convenience and eliminates the possibility of damage.


Stock Number:   TACL0325
Dimensions:   1.4 x 0.77 x 0.55 in
(35 x 19.5 x 14 mm)
Weight:   0.18 oz (5.2 g)
Input Power:   4.0-6.0V
TTX200 push puttons

Push buttons provide easy adjustments and confident control of steering and throttle trim.

hands holding the TTX200

The TTX200 is sized for easy transport and handling, and its minimal weight means less fatigue throughout a race.

Stock Number:   TACJ0200
Channels:   2
Frequencies:   2.403-2.480GHz
Modulation:   FHSS spread-spectrum SLT
Requires:   (4) AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries or (4) rechargeable NiCd or NiMH cells
NOTE: charger required for NiCd and NiMH cells, charge jack not included.

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