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When the first Tactic radios came out in 2007, 2.4GHz systems were "next-gen" new…exceptions to single-frequency systems and crystals. But today, 2.4GHz systems rule — and SLT (Secure Link Technology) is a charter member of the ruling class.

Instead of using just one frequency, Tactic SLT systems "hop" from frequency to frequency to frequency hundreds of times each second. Frequency hopping virtually eliminates the possibility of same-frequency interference all by itself, allowing you to fly with complete confidence. But in addition, SLT systems also include a transmitter that broadcasts a uniquely coded signal — and a receiver that can instantly lock onto it, creating an unbreakable transmitter-receiver link. And once that link has been established, the receiver won't respond to any signal except the one from your transmitter.

Those key features — frequency hopping, coded signals and linking — not only make SLT one of the most robust and reliable 2.4GHz protocols available; they make SLT the logical foundation for the most exciting development in R/C in a decade.

Transmitter-Ready (Tx-R) aircraft. Prebuilt and factory-finished, Tx-R aircraft are available through Flyzone, Heli-Max and Great Planes. They arrive with all onboard equipment installed, including an SLT receiver. If you already own an SLT system, using it to fly your Tx-R is as fast and easy as pushing the link button on the receiver. And the nice thing is, there's no limit to how many SLT receivers you can link to one SLT transmitter; you can fly as many Tx-R aircraft you want. Of course, you can also install SLT receivers in your existing models, and fly them with the same transmitter. SLT makes it possible — and the price of SLT receivers makes it affordable.

SLT. More dependability. More confidence. And more possibilities. All for less than you'd expect.

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