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Product Description Stock # Web Page Fact Sheet Instructions/Manual YouTube Video
TTX300 TTX300 3-Ch SLT TACJ0300  
TTX402 TTX402 Micro 4-Ch SLT TACJ2402        
TTX403 TTX403 4-Ch Mini SLT TACJ2403    
TTX410 TTX410 4-Ch SLT TACJ2410  
TTX610 TTX610 6-Ch SLT TACJ2610  
TTX650 6-Ch SLT Computer TACJ2650
TTX810 TTX810 8-Ch SLT Computer TACJ2810      
TR324 3-Ch SLT Surface TACL0324    
TR424 4-Ch SLT TACL0424    
TR624 6-Ch SLT TACL0624      
TR625 6-Ch Twin Antenna Receiver TACL0625  
4-Ch Receiver/ESC/Servo Combo TACL1424    
  Charge Leads        
  Field Accessories        
  DroneView TACZ1000  


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2013 Tactic Catalog: Clicking here will take you straight to a PDF you can download and look through anytime you like.

Tx-R Transmitter-ReadyThe SLT protocol not only makes Tactic radios dependable; it makes Transmitter-Ready (Tx-R) aircraft possible. All Tx-R aicraft have an SLT receiver onboard — a fact that opens up a world of options for you.
To start with, it means that you can fly any aircraft with an SLT receiver (including all Tx-R aircraft) with a Tactic flight transmitter or any another transmitter that uses the SLT protocol. And it's easy to tell the transmitters that do; just look for the SLT graphic on the transmitter case.

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