Tactic SLT Technology

SLT™ - Secure Link Technology (logo)

When the first Tactic radios came out in 2007, 2.4GHz systems were "next-gen" new… exceptions to single-frequency systems and crystals. But today, 2.4GHz systems rule — and SLT (Secure Link Technology) is a charter member of the ruling class.

Instead of using just one frequency, Tactic SLT systems "hop" from frequency to frequency to frequency very rapidly. Frequency hopping virtually eliminates the possibility of same-frequency interference all by itself, allowing you to enjoy your model with complete confidence. But in addition, SLT systems also include a transmitter that broadcasts a uniquely coded signal — and a receiver that can instantly lock onto it, creating an unbreakable transmitter-receiver link. And once that link has been established, the receiver won't respond to any signal except the one from your transmitter.

SLT. More dependability. More confidence. And more possibilities. All for less than you'd expect.