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Charge Leads

Making the right connections makes all the difference.


All R/C electronics have two things in common: they all require power and they all need recharging. Tactic charge leads help you get it done, time after time after time. Bullet plugs on one end ensure fast, easy hook-up to any charger or voltmeter with banana jacks. Connectors on the other end tailor them to a wide range of applications — including yours.

Transmitter/Receiver Charge Lead Sets

All sets include connectors on 39.4 inch (1 meter) leads.

Charge Lead Tactic/Futaba J
TACP0101  Tactic/Futaba J

Charge Lead JR & Spektrum
TACP0105  JR® & Spektrum®

Charge Lead Hitec & Spektrum
TACP0106  Hitec®/Airtronics® Z

Charge Lead Charge Leads 9V Plug & Futaba J
TACP0110  9V Plug & Futaba J

Charge Lead Glow Starter All

Compatible with all glow starters that use
rechargeable NiCds. 19 inch (483 mm) leads.

Charge Lead w/Alligator Clips

12 inch (305 mm) leads

Charge Lead Glow Starter

Charge Lead w/Alligator Clips

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