Tactic TTX600 4-Channel SLT Radio

Sport pilots eager to step up to a 6-channel system will find the TTX600 both affordable and feature-packed. Its two additional channels enable you to easily control landing gear, flaps, or many other functions using one two-position switch and one variable rate knob. Built-in dual rates add value and versatility.

Like other Tactic 2.4GHz systems, the TTX600 offers the advantages of exclusive SLT. A single button-push creates an unbreakable link between your transmitter and receiver that ignores any signal…except yours.

Highly dependable, the TTX600 is a standout system that offers your most-requested features – and plenty of room to grow!

Tactic SLT Secure Link Technology Tx-R Transmitter Ready

Here’s what the TTX600 has to offer!

  • 5th and 6th Channels for landing gear and flaps
  • Dual rates*
  • Digital trims* and servo reversing
  • V-Tail and elevon mixing
  • Compact, lightweight TR624 receiver (TACL0624)
  • Wireless trainer system
  • Ball bearing gimbals

* on elevator, ailerons and rudder.

  • Adjustable stick lengths
  • Power LED and low-voltage alarm
  • Built-in charge jack for optional rechargeable batteries
  • 4-Cell “AA” battery holder for receiver, adjustable neck strap, and on/off switch harness with charge lead
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TTX600 controls and wheel

A simple, one-button linking procedure creates a robust, unbreakable link between your transmitter and receiver.

TTX4240 5th and 6th channel actuators

A 5th channel with two-position switch provides control of landing gear, while the 6th channel offers easy, user-friendly control of flaps or other variable functions.


TTX600 Built-in dual rates

Built-in dual rates add value and versatility. Select high rates for take-offs and landings. Choose low rates for smooth aerobatics and slow, scale-like flights.

TTX600 Built-in Charge Jack

A built-in charge jack lets you easily charge optional NiCd/NiMH batteries. Use charge adapter TACP0101.

Stock Number:   TACJ2600
Channels:   6
Frequencies:   2.403-2.480GHz
Modulation:   FHSS spread-spectrum SLT
Input Power:   (4) “AA” alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH cells (3.8-8.0V, not included)

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