Tactic TTX240 2-Channel SLT Radio

Whether you’re just beginning in R/C or want to upgrade from the radio that came with your RTR, the TTX240 lets you enjoy the advantages of 2.4GHz performance — for less!

Advanced electronics mean virtually no interference or glitches, making it ideal for boats, cars, trucks and buggies. SLT (Secure Link Technology) reinforces overall dependability by creating an unbreakable link between the receiver and your transmitter with the push of a button. As you add models to your collection, linking additional receivers is just as easy.

It’s a top choice for starting out or stepping up — and a great investment for the future.

Tactic SLT Secure Link Technology Tx-R Transmitter Ready

Here’s what the TTX240 has to offer!

  • Steering and throttle reverse and trims
  • Steering rate adjustment dial
  • Compact, lightweight TR324 receiver (TACL0324)
  • Folding antenna
  • Power LED
  • On/Off switch harness
  • 4-cell “AA” battery holder
Product Flier Manual
TTX4240 included items

The TTX240 transmitter comes with a battery holder, switch harness and the 3-channel TR324 receiver. At only a half-inch thick and a quarter-ounce in weight, it’s an easy fit for any model. An internal antenna ensures strong reception and eliminates trailing wires.

TTX240 controls and wheel

Dials and servo reversing switches make quick setup a snap. The controls for trims and steering rate are well clear of the wheel, yet logically placed for easy adjustment even when you’re on the track.



Lightness, comfort and a built-in carrying handle are three of the TTX240's many advantages. The antenna swivels to ensure the best signal and folds flat to avoid breakage. The coated wheel improves grip. Battery weight in the broad, flat base gives it good balance in use and keeps it upright and stable when you set it down.

Stock Number:   TACJ0245
Channels:   2
Frequencies:   2.403-2.480GHz
Modulation:   FHSS spread-spectrum SLT
Input Power:   (4) “AA” alkaline, NiCd or NiMH cells (3.8-8.0V)

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