Tactic SLT Secure Link Technology Tx-R Transmitter Ready


Switches and Power Accessories

Making the right connections makes all the difference.


Made from top-notch components, Tactic switches are your “confidence” connection. They’re more than an on/off switch; all include a charge jack so you can recharge your receiver pack — or simply check the voltage — without removing it from your model. Tactic makes heavy-duty versions, too, for larger models with digital servos or other high-current demands. And for installation convenience, both are available with either a Futaba J or universal connector.

Standard Switches

Heavy-Duty Switches

Both feature 20 AWG wire and gold-plated
terminals for greater current-carrying capacity.

Switch Harness
TACM2001   With Charge Plug Futaba J  
TACM2002   With Charge Plug Universal  
HD Switch Harness
TACM2760   Switch Harness Universal  
TACM2761   Switch Harness Futaba J  

Power Accessories

HD Switch Harness
4-Cell AA Battery Holder Futaba J

When pulling receiver and servo power from a main power pack isn’t an option, this simple, black nylon battery holder is. It’s ultralight and compact, so it’s easy to install virtually anywhere. Uses easy-to-find “AA” batteries for economy.


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